How do I keep Umbrel from disconnecting after a period of inactivity

I am using the recommended hardware, RPi4, SSD, Ethernet.
If I am not active on the dashboard after a few hours, when I return, I am not able to access the dashboard. If I unplug the RPi and plug it back in, it boots normally, but this happens every morning when I wake up. Is there a way to keep it from disconnecting in the first place?

I’ve tried:
Accessing via my onion address using tor, and umbrel.local via tor (and unfortunately chrome.) Unsuccessfully.
Accessing through SSH unsuccessfully.
Using the RPi IP Address unsuccessfully.
Having my ISP tech come check my connection, they said the connection’s signal was weak at the place my connection enters the house, but I don’t believe this should kick my Umbrel offline. It should still be able to reconnect when I return, right???
Running and reviewing troubleshooting logs… No errors or issues found, I can provide logs upon request.
Tried to save wpa_supplicant.conf on my sd card and restart the umbrel without ethernet, that didn’t work without ethernet.

I accidentally snapped my microSD card and had to replace it, still using the SSD and RPi I had with the original microSD card. Also, I moved to a new location. My original location, I had a Google Fiber 500MB connection, now I’m on Spectrum cable.

What do I need to do to keep this node connected?

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Re-flash the SD card. Any time power is disconnected from the Pi or its shut down improperly you can expect the SD has been corrupted. If not re-flashed it will only operate 16 to 24 hours before it drops off again.
Once you re-flash it will stay online. (unless you have a low power issue to the SSD)


bilhelm - did you try to reflash the the SD Card as Full_node mentioned?

I have the same problem and before I attempt a re-flash wanted to see if it works.

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I am using the recommended hardware, RPi4, SSD, Ethernet as well, just reflashed the SD card and it appears to be working perfect. If anything changes I’ll repost.

What was nice is after a wave of fear and backing up lightning channels and ensuring I had my seed, I did it without any issues in minutes. SSD does not get wiped and login credentials all intact! :partying_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I re-flashed the SD card. It was still working this morning. I’m going to leave it alone for a longer period of time to verify before I start opening more channels.

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Yes, I did about 14 hours ago and it is still up. Waiting another day to be completely sure, but usually it would have gone offline by now.

Yes. I bought all the equipment from the amazon links on getumbrel back in March. I also then addded some heat sinks to the RPi. Last night whilee I was re-flashing, I downloaded the updated version of Umbrel and used that to flash. Worked pretty seamlessly and I am still online after about 14 hours.

I agree, flashing seemed to work. I made sure I had backups and seed first as well.
I deleted the files on the SD card, and reformatted it. Used the updated Umbrel download from Everything came back from the SSD. Perfect.

Good to hear this may have fixed your issue!

I wanted to confirm, my Umbrel and channels have been online for 5 straight days after re-flashing the micro-SD. Thank you!

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This is great news. I’ve been having this same issue and it’s been driving me mad. I have just reflashed the SD and am firing up the Pi once more, hopefully it won’t crash in 24 hours. I’ll post results here in a few days :smiley:


UPDATE: node been running for 2 and a half days since this discovery, no problems at all. Temperature at 32.1º :white_check_mark:

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After 17 days running problem free my node disconnected last night. I reflashed the SD card without reformating it first. It worked for couple of hours and then stopped again. I repeated the proces and this time run time was shorter and disconnection again. This time I could access it straight from it’s url and was able to restart it without pulling the cable out. Should I reformat the SD card before reflashing ? It’s frustrating. Could be my power/electricity? I’m thinking about getting a battery.