High Load Usage - Raspberry Pi 4 GB

Hi all,

I used to always be right around or under 1 for Load usage on my 4 gb Rasp PI but have been upwards of 7 to 10 most times I log in and run ‘uptime’ or ‘top’ on Terminal.

I have been down to the barebones of applications on my node - RTL, Lightning Node, Bitcoin Node and Electrs & LNDg is all I have installed.

I don’t know where to begin on understanding why I’m burning through my node and am wondering if this is what’s causing a lot of recent Force Closures. Appreciate any feedback!

if your running htop or top can you see whats taxing the system?
for a quad core system anything under 4 is no wait.
anything over 4 just means theres a wait time and it could be for disk writes or anything

thanks for the response. It looks like it’s primarily my lnd --configfile or Python rebalancer or Tor or Bitcoind.

Is there somewhere I can compare what I’m seeing to what I ‘should be’ seeing?

how bad is it?