Hard Restarting My Node

This morning, as I usually do, I logged in to my Umbrel node (I’m on a DIY Raspi Pi4) to see if everything was ok. For the first time ever, my browser couldn’t log in, and the screen was stuck loading the password box (the blue loading line was stuck around 50%).

Without panicking too much, I turned my node off, waited ten seconds, and powered it back on. After that, I was able to log in and from there, it took another few minute to re-sync with the network.

This was the first time I experienced something like this, and prior to today, my node’s uptime was around 8 months.

Is this a common occurrence for Umbrel? Are there any downsides to a hard reboot such as the one I performed? I just hate that my current uptime reset itself.

Thanks everyone.

For a RPi, it is normal that the memory get full sometimes.
Next time I suggest you to use SSH and check the logs first. A hard full restart is quite problematic, in special for RPi users. You were lucky this time.
Please, before doing something like that read the troubleshooting manual that contain all instructions for cases like these and what to do.

Thank you. I agree, I did get lucky.

I’ll start reading the troubleshooting manual now that this happened with my node. I’ve been pretty hands-off with my node in the last few months, as there never seems to be enough time in the day. And since I don’t manage any lightning networks, I figured that a “turn it on and forget it” mentality would be safe-ish for a while. I guess I should be more actively involved with my node from now on :slight_smile:

@DarthCoin btw, you were right. I checked my logs and I was getting a memory usage warning that started on May 14th. Now I need to figure out how to regularly clear cache, if that’s even possible. I’ll keep reading the manual.

Sucks that I got stuck with a 4GB RaspiPi4 Model B, as the 8GB models were out of stock when I was in the market for one last year. Hoping I can upgrade this year to 8GB, but I would prefer something larger, if Raspi ever makes one.

Uuuups, 4GB you are at the low limit man.
You have two options: remove no necessary apps, keep it strict necessary or upgrade to a better machine.

I might need to pick up a Raspi with 8gb of RAM, but honestly, I am open to building a more powerful machine. I am not really using my node for anything too process heavy, but I definitely dont want to run into this issue again with my memory being overloaded.

Also, I am not a coder or a technical person by any means, so whatever I build next has to be “easy to manage” for a layperson such as myself lol

To all noobs and non-tech users I always said this:

  • if your computer skills and knowledge are not enough or you are not comfortable with, there’s NO need to run a full desktop node. Running a full desktop node is a serious task and should be treated as such. A node that is not well maintained and do not provide good reliability is doing more damage than good to the network and to the user itself.
  • If you want to just learn, test and play around, yes, ok you can start with a RPi, see how it works etc, but don’t put all your hope from the beginning and take small steps. Let your peers know your intentions from the beginning so they know what type of peer you are. This is fair for all. Some will help you even more.

If you just want to have a more private LN node, but your skills are not so good and you don’t have time to read, learn, test etc… fine, there are many other solutions to run a LN node:

  • Blixt mobile node wallet is one of the best ways to have full experience of running a LN node but on your own mobile, with just few clicks. Here is a guide.. More like Blixt is Breeze and SBW wallet.
  • Electrum (desktop or mobile) have also LN integrated. And works just fine with trampoline channels. If you want to connect it to a more private bitcoin node, ask a friend that runs a desktop full node to provide you his electrum server address. Baaam, run your Electrum LN in a private mode.
  • Here you have a guide about all types of LN wallets and their functionalities