Help with recovering the fund

Hi Lukechilds
I want the getumbrel backup can you please help getting it. I want a backup older than 1 week. My node crashed and I requested everyone to force close and all the channels are force closed. But I don’t see the sats in my wallet. So I thought of restoring to see whether I can recover my funds. Appreciate any help in this regard.

If all the channels are already forced closed by all your peers, you just have to wait until the sats will be available in your onchain wallet. Force closing can take longer time, be patient.
No need anymore for restoring the channels backup.
Just use your umbrel wallet seed into Bluewallet or Zap desktop to restore only the onchain wallet. Once the grace of holding the funds is over you will see your sats in onchain wallet.
Meanwhile you can start a new node instance and I suggest to create a new seed, fresh. Leave that old onchain wallet to settle and later you can move the funds into your new created node.
In this way you start fresh, clean and do not complicate more the process.

Also, in case that not all your peers closed the channels, but you still have access to your node data files, you can go into the lnd folder and will find a latest automated backup file of your channels.
See the guide about how to restore your funds from node channels using Blixt here and also in there is specified where is located the automated backup.

Umbrel devs have also a copy of that file, in case you erased that drive or is not accessible anymore. The automated process is that every time you open or close a channel, Umbrel is doing a SCB file in that location and then is uploading that file to Umbrel servers, as an encrypted backup.

Thanks Darthcoin Some got closed more than 2 months how long will it take for it to arrive? Any idea ?

yeah but if your peers didn’t force close, they just close normally, it will stay like that forever.
A force close is when a peer is not online anymore so one peer will force the closure with his part of information. The fees are higher and also takes more time.
But is the peer just use normal close (not forced), is waiting for your node to come back online to finish the cooperative close. If that didn’t happen, then are 2 options: he have to go back and initiate force close or you have to come back online.

Thanks @DarthCoin. Can I still get a backup before Dec 2021 the last one in november please? It would be really helpful. let me know if you need any information I can send it


Never use a previous backup!
Always should be used latest state of the backup.
Otherwise you will lose funds!

ok Thanks @DarthCoin can you send the latest backup please. My node crashed a

I am not a Umbrel dev. Just a pleb helping here.
Ask @mayankor @lukechilds for providing a copy of the latest backup.

@mayankor @lukechilds Can you please help getting the backup for my node please?