Node crushed and destroyed - how to recover fund from seed and backup channel

Hello great community,
my umbrel node was destroyed, but I have a seed and a backup channel file.

I was wondering how to get funds ( by not using the umbrel anymore).

If I use Bluewallet app and enter the aezeed seed it shows 0 sats balances… the derivation path it detects is m/84’/0’/0’ and I can see “only” 58 addresses on receiving

Any idea? Is there other wallet we I can use to get the fund ( from unchain and channels also ) ?


Bluewallet is like the name already says a wallet, not a etc node or a lightning node.

If you have open channels the bitcoins in it are locked until the channels are closed by you or your pears.

You have to close the channels at first to see all your funds in a bitcoin wallet.