Help with IP config?

I just got a new router and set everything up using dynamic IP. Now my Umbrel/RPI is not connecting to the internet. I can see the home screen but no data is getting through the router. Anyone know how I can get it back online?

  • Well first thing would be to check if your Pi can ping the router?
    If you can’t ping the router then do you have another device that can? If you other device is fine, then its probably a network setup issue on your Pi

  • If it can ping the router then next step would be to try ping an outside website i.e.
    If you can’t hit the internet then its probably something i.e firewall at the router end that is blocking traffic

Just a matter of elimination of different key points in your network until you get to the bottom of where the issue is, let me know how you get on

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Thanks for the reply. I tried a lot of different things to try and get it back up online but nothing worked!

I made a separate post listing all the things I’ve tried here: Cannot connect to Umbrel

I need an HDMI micro cord so I can plug into my iMac and see what the RPI is displaying and try to ping directly from it, but everything else I can think of I tried… this sucks

Hmm ok yeah…well first thing first you need to directly connect to the Pi so if you can’t connect to it either wirelessly/via your local network then yeah get ya keyboard and HDMI cable so you can take full control and then you can run through some of those steps :+1:

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But…can you do somethig with HDMI? when i start my Pi with HDMI i can’t login with mouse&keyboard. I just see the umbrel logo

I’m personally running off a VM, however I thought with a keyboard and with the HDMI (to view the screen/console/os) you would be able to take control of the Pi yeah?

Below the Umbrel logo, you should see 3 things:
http://umbrel.local (this should be the same for everyone)
http://<IP_address> (it is different for everyone)
longonionaddress.onion (it is different for everyone)

As you can’t use the tty1 login prompt to do anything, however you can either SSH or go to those URLs as shown above)… It is a better idea to go to the URLs shown on the screen first before you access the node directly via SSH. If you want to use SSH, you can do ssh umbrel@umbrel.local OR ssh umbrel@<IP_address>. I hope this helps you to be able to login.