Help Thread : Umbrel failing after a week of consistent use

Running umbrel on raspi and it was going very smoothly. I started having issues with loop outs and closing channels and I attempted to restart the umbrel several times to deal with these issues. After one of the restarts the umbrel failed to load on web browser even though it could be SSH’d into. I tried running the start script via SSH and it seemed to mess it up even worse. The start, stop, and debug scripts all bring up some sort of “connection refused” python error when they are run. One member of telegram group instructed me to try to reflash the OS but the same errors persist. error log is here:

Thank you for any help, any ideas or advice is appreciated. I have my recovery phrases but people have told me I might be able to fix it and not have to go through a complete re-sync and recovery so I’m willing to try to manually fix it.