1TB vs 2TB SSD drive, opinions wanted

I originally purchased a 1 TB drive to set up my node, but then read that others are using a 2TB drive to also run other apps. So I purchased a 2TB drive to use. However, I did not build the machine yet, so can return the drive I don’t use.

So should I use the 1 TB drive and dedicate this machine to the node, or use the 2TB drive and attempt to do other things as well.

Opinions, please! And thanks in advance!

If you go with 1TB for node usage only I believe is the best option and the less risky one.

Apps are maybe unstable and create extra hassle in case of conflicts. However, I had a machine with Rasp Pi4 2TB and it burned the SATA board and the drive (so had to downgrade to 1TB anyway)… but it’s just my experience

Good advice there. Maybe a “less is more” mentality makes sense.

Didn’t realize this forum existed. Didn’t get any warnings about that at Reddit.

reddit is a shithole…


You can probably set your Bitcoin node to not go past using like 850MB or something?. Basically run as a partial node. That way you wont need to replace your drive in the future.