Umbrel on R Pi 4 keeps crashing?

Hi All,

Our Umbrel Lightning node crashes often and many times we can’t restart in the Umbrel settings but need to turn the Pi 4 off and on again to get the channels functioning properly again.

Do we need to upgrade our hardware to a more robust system, i.e an Intel Nuc, etc…

Or is it just that LND and Umbrel are still in beta?

Please let us know, thank you.


Hi @Orange_Bonzo
Sorry to hear that- hard to say what the cause is without more information, but lets see if we can figure out the issue.

Firstly, if you don’t mind, can you please go to the settings page on Umbrel, and press ‘START’ under troubleshooting. You can share the log here so we can investigate further.

Also, can you please share what your Pi set-up looks like too, ie is it the Pi 4 with 8GB RAM, what SSD/drive are you using, multiple drives?, official power supply, cooling?, etc

Hi Smolgrrr, Yes certainly. R Pi 4 with 4 GB’s Ram and a fancy cooling case with passive as well as two fans to keep it cool. Temps are ok for the most part. A samsung 2TB usb ssd in an enclosure. Non official power supply that came from the Ebay R Pi 4 kit as that was the only way for us to aquire a P1 4 at the time. I am not at the location of the node but I should be there tomorrow and will do the troubleshooting then and let you know. My partner thinks a stronger computer is in order?

Thank you


4 GB RAM is not a lot. If you run a log (settings > troubleshoot > start) do you then see any warnings in the Memory Monitor section?

As @Orville mentions, we usually recommend the 8GB RAM Pi esp if running a bitcoin node, as the 4GB can have troubles, but we can look at the logs for that.

The power supply is the most likely culprit I think now

Hi Orville, Hi smolgrrr,

No memory warnings in the log and it has stopped crashing and has been ok for awhile now so could it have been buggy beta software or just a coincidence that this keeps happening, albeit randomly?

Thank you.