BTC wallet show me incorrect transaction

I was waiting to sync node, but in the mindwhile I was using the wallet, imported to bluewallet, Now that the sync is complete one transaction is different in the node and in the bluewallet (same wallet because I use the same secret words)

same problem - umbrel shows incorrect balance after doing a transaction through bluewallet (imported with both same secret words!)

In what way in the balance incorrect? Not showing everything? Showing too high of a balance?

I would just wait until everything is synced, unless you have a reason (beyond excitement) to start doing more.

Also, I have never used blue wallet, but you are generally discouraged from ever typing your seed words onto a computer anywhere.

Looks like the part of the transaction that comes back to the wallet is missing.

I wonder it it’s pulling from the blockchain that is on your hard drive, and since your blockchain isn’t complete, the wallet can’t find all the transactions

Node is 100% synced.
Perhaps Bluewallet creates some addreses for the wallet that umbrel doesn’t know --> so Umbrel misses some transactions / parts of transactions.

Exactly. I had to take off all the money from that wallet. I’m kind of not trusting in umbrella wallet

This is just the two wallets deriving different addresses from the same seed. Think of your wallet as a tree. Each leaf is a new address. Each branch has a different series of these addresses. Umbrel and Bluewallet are using completely different branches of the same tree. Your funds are safe even if the wallet doesn’t show them. I have not figured out how to force one or both wallets to check for additional addresses with balances.

This should be something that we can get understanding on.

I, and many others, are having this issue. There must be some way to force other wallets to ‘search’ a specific address.

Forcing a check of each of the 2 billion addresses would take a while but it should be an option.

How to efficiently report an issue How to efficiently report an issue

Same on me