Fraudulent fund recovery

So my peers’ ssd crashed, and he did not write down his 24 words.

I could not find how to “steal” my inbound liquidity on our channel with Umbrel.

Any tips?

Just go to your channel list and select that channel and force close it. Your part of the funds will be restored in your onchain wallet after 144 blocks

Thanks. I know this but I want to get both the outbound and inbound liquidity, so I can return my inbound to my peers new node.

No you can’t. You can’t take what is NOT yours. You will receive ONLY your part of the channel liquidity.

Please, I know it is possible, but I dont know how to do it on Umbrel.
If you dont know how to do it, please dont comment.

You are asking about performing a previous channel state attack. For this to work you need to have had a time when those funds were on your side of the channel. If you have that signature with all the funds on your side then you can close using that previous channel state. Now, if they have a watchtower, or if some other node catches this fraudulent channel state they can issue a justice transaction. The entire channel balance goes to the other node if this justice transaction works. Now it sounds as if he has no watchtower so this may be a viable option.
I do not know how to do this and not sure I’d help even if I did. Good luck.

Thanks! Yes I think you are onto something.

If your peer doesn’t have his 24 words seed, funds are lost. The first rule in Bitcoin is to always backup your seed.

A generous donation to all plebs around the world indeed.

Also, how to perform an attack on a down peer shouldn’t be discussed here.

Agreed… not the place to talk about exploits, but since we’re on the topic… Can anyone point me in the direction of watchtowers? I believe I setup my node as a watchtower and added a few clients, but is there anyway to confirm it?

In the example above, if he attempts to “fraudulently” close the channel, and there’s a Watchtower setup both sides of the channel go to the downed peer?

I disagree. Everything should be talked about and in the open. If exploits are hidden it is harder to prevent them.

I did a regular force close with last known channel state, as my peer did not know if he was connected to any watchtowers, and I had a lot more local than I am willing to risk.


The topic was reported, but reinstated by staff.

You guys should rather talk about to_self_delay etc and help new people if you are afraid of fraudulent force close.

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If exploits are not shared then no one will develop protections from them. Speaking about previous channel state attacks prompts people to ask how to prevent them, which naturally leads to conversations about Watchtowers.

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