Format SD card with Umbrel OS

I need to format the SD card I’ve been using in my full-node. The SD card cannot be formatted and the partitions are locked. Any attempt throws an I/O error. The physical lock on the SD card is unlocked. How do I format my SD to be able to use it again to store data?

Buy a new mSD card. Most of them are trash.
Always have a spare one, with latest version already installed. Just unplug the fucked one and plug the fresh one. Done

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I’m sorry, but I’m not throwing away a working SD. I just have a formatting problem.

Ok then, keep losing then.

Are you trying to format the same SD card that you booted Umbrel with, from within Umbrel?
Or are you trying to format an SD card different from the system you booted, but you still try to do it with the Umbrel OS?
Or are you trying to format the SD card in a different device? How are you formatting?

Give the full example of what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

I want to format the card on which I had Umbrel OS running, I want to format it on another device (PC with Windows 10). Formatting cannot be done in Windows classic. Formatting could not be done even through diskpart window.

When you use Balena etcher to flash latest umbrel version, it is formatting anyway, so no need to do those steps in windows disk manager or any other tool.

It might just be that windows doesn’t recognize the partitions and then doesn’t want to touch it. I’m not familiar with Windows.

Yeah just try the Balena etcher or whatever tool you used previously :slight_smile:
If that one fails, put that sd-card in the trashbin

I need to format the SD card because I no longer want to use this SD card for Umbrel OS. (Please don’t tell me to throw the SD card in the trash. It’s not about money, it’s about principle. The card works and Umbrel OS runs and updates on it, therefore it MUST be formatted)

if the card seem to work on Umbrel OS, then I assume it’s a windows thing rejecting the linux partitions it doesn’t understand.

I’m not a windows user, but the internet search engines told me this might help:

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