Umbrel OS 0.5.2 Image?

When I start Umbrel it’s telling me to Replace my microSD card.

It tells me to flash Umbrel OS 0.5.2 onto a new microSD card but I can’t find an image online for 0.5.2. I can only find an image for 0.5.1.

Can anyone point me to a link to DL Umbrel OS 0.5.2?



I just updated to 0.5.2 and immediately upon restart I received the same alert message (see below). My SD card is practically new (just built my node 2 months ago) so I’m a bit skeptical that the card actually needs replacing. Can someone please confirm if this is a software bug or something we should take seriously?

For reference, the alert message reads as follows:

Replace your microSD card
It looks like the microSD card in your Raspberry Pi could fail soon. microSD cards are prone to wear and tear over time. But don’t worry, Umbrel stores all of your data on the external USB drive.

Follow these steps to replace your microSD card:

  1. Shutdown your Umbrel.
  2. Disconnect the Rasbperry Pi from the power supply.
  3. Flash Umbrel OS 0.5.2 onto a new microSD card (at least 16GB size).
  4. Replace the existing microSD card in your Raspberry Pi with the new one.
  5. Turn on the Raspberry Pi.

That’s it! Your Umbrel should continue to function normally after the replacement.

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Same here. Built my node last year and after the 5.2 upgrade everytime I login to my node it gives me the same alert. Must just be an error, but I bought a new SD card just incase.

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Yep, you’re right. It’s every time I log in too.

Same here and my card is only 10 months old.

It’s a bug. They released 5.4 yesterday and that took care of it for me.

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Yes! Actually it’s v0.5.3. This message from Umbrel on Github…

Whilst we better understand the variation around the SD card performance, we’ll disable the healthcheck to prevent people seeing false positives.

Ah that’s right. I was confusing it with the latest lnd release which ended in .4.