Restore umbrel, need to clear SSD?

Hi there, I foudn out my umbrel is having some failed synced blocks on bitcoin I think.
So I think about to restore my Umbrel, by picking NEW SD Card with Umbrel 4.1.0

So I can replace the SD card easily, then start wizard and use the restore wizard.

But what about the SSD, should it need to be ’ formatted’. first or or wil Umbrel wizard rewrite the SSD?

Better stay at v 4.9 the v 4.10 is problematic.
To do a clean install you have to exclude all partitions on SSD, otherway it will just update files.

I also had issues in downloading blockchain with v 4.9, so I had to complete download it with v 4.7, and later i reflashed SD to v 4.9. Version 4.10 not recommended.