Micro SD not working correctly

Good day,

I’m kind of new here and in need of your help.

Yesterday I experienced a power outage and Umbrel wouldn’t start up. It was stuck at the “Restart - Shutdown” error page. I tried many solutions without succeeding and in the end I decided to re-flash it.

When the micro SD was inserted in the PC it showed only 252MB instead of the usual 119GB of total space. I thought it was just a simple error, so I proceeded to format the card. After that it was still 252MB of total space and thinking it was due to the card adapter I ejected it, changed the adapter (I know for sure that one was working all right) and inserted the card again.

At that moment my PC stopped working, shut down, and the caps lock LED started blinking. The code was indicating that the controller couldn’t reach the BIOS.

So my question is: even if it was formatted, is it possible that the card damaged my PC? Is there a way to analyze the micro SD and restore it? Or is it better to just use another card?

Thank you for your attention, any help would be appreciated!

I always have problems when using the sdcard reader, it crashs my Windows. But using a usb to sdcard adaptor things go smooth, no crashs.
About the space, think it is because the flashed image is much smaller than your card capacity. Umbrel uses less than 4GB of disk space, and the remaining space can be used for creating a new disk partition if you like.
So use a usb adapter and don´t worry about size problem in sdcard.

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Got it, thanks!!