Umbrel Formatted my SSD Drive

Hello folks, I’m new on Umbrel and I flashed in a SD card the Umbrel OS. I boot my raspberry using this SD card and I attached my SSD drive with a lot of media (movies, photos, etc). It turns out that the Umbrel formatted the SSD to ext4 (before was Fat32). I lost all my media. Why this information is not on installation tutorial? I would never flash Umbrel if I’d know I would lost my data.

Hi eduardocl

In the umbrelOS - An elegant OS for your home server page, under the Raspberry Pi installation, this is called out in an information window:

“Unless the SSD was previously used to run Umbrel, any existing data on it will automatically be deleted when you turn on the Raspberry Pi.”

If you haven’t done a lot with the SSD since the install, it’d be worth looking into file recovery software. I haven’t used any in years, but if the files haven’t been overwritten, they may be recoverable with some digging