Extra USB ports seem disabled

Hi. I’m trying to mount an extra external drive or connect a printer to the RPi but nothing shows on dmesg or lsusb. Does umbrel-os scripts disable the other ports (the ones not used by the main drive) or are they disabled in the kernel?

I tried to connect a pendrive and an HP printer and it is as if I connected nothing according to dmesg and lsusb logs. Could you give me some light on how I would be able to enable the ports? I want to use the pi for other things besides umbrel.


what are you doing ??? a pendrive and printer to your node ??? ( you can’t btw ) you can’t just upgrade your ssd or use the appstore in umbrel.

Ow, my friend, you can do that and much more if you ssh to it =D I think I wasn’t clear, sorry. This is kind of a lower-level tweaking I’m asking help for.

The node is working perfectly fine. I use it as a full node, not a wallet with funds. I want to be able to use it for more things than just umbrel (to connect my printer to the network for example). Since it is a fork of Raspberry Pi OS / Debian-like distro, it should be able to do all the fun stuff a server can while running umbrel.

I just couldn’t find where in the umbrel / umbrel-os repo the ports get disabled or if the kernel is compiled without support for devices other than ssd adapters. Printer and mass storage were just examples. I want to be able to use the other three usb ports available in my RPi.

As I said, after boot, dmesg / kernel logs and lsusb don’t list anything new I plug in. Can anyone point me to the files where this is done (USB ports disabling)? If you give me a lead, I can do the rest. Any devs around?

I think I found it: https://github.com/getumbrel/umbrel/blob/703a5bc9757df631255ec5bd9c9dc773a24d67d4/scripts/umbrel-os/external-storage/mount#L66

Could anyone confirm if this is the only culprit?

I can confirm that was the issue!

@bolaum what did you do to fix this?

@bolaum, @frazras, I am running into similar problem. I would like to connect zigbee coordinator and have it running with NodeRed but it seems like umbrel is disabling USB discovery. I can see that device connected and was recognized successfully in first few seconds but then around 4s all gets disconnected and only disk is connected.

How did you manage to make it run for you?

I did comment out blackist_uas in mount file but it doesn’t seem to work.
Also changes to /sys/module/usb_storage/parameters/quirks is overriden after reboot.

Do I need to change something else than ~/umbrel/scripts/umbrel-os/external-storage/mount?