"Error: System service failed" after running Umbrel for a long time

Been running Umbrel for a long time. Just got the “Error: System service failed” page.

Reflashed the SD card.

Here is my debug log


I think my SSD might be full. I was torrenting some stuff, so that might have done it.

I went into the simple-torrent directory and then to the downloads through the command line on my Pi and looked for the files, but didn’t see anything in that directory using the ls command.


I wonder why users NEVER read their logs files, they just dump it here and just want magically that all their problems to be fixed with just one phrase or magic words.

Why don’t you say ALL you did, because you did something.
Otherwise it will not appear this in your logs:

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/home/umbrel/umbrel/.umbrel-0.4.16’: No space left on device

Did you do the minimal effort to read that damn log? Is not so hard to read it.
It should be /home/umbrel and not /home/umbrel/umbrel.

You forgot to mention that you didn’t reflashed correctly the mSD card.

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I love you Darthcoin.

So you are saying I reflashed the mSD card incorrectly. I’ll try again.

Delete all log files you files you find, to clear space is SSD

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Ok, thanks. I’ll delete all the log files from the ‘logs’ directory.

Reflashing the SD card and deleting all the log files worked.

I lied… it’s locked up again.

I just flashed it by using BalenaEtcher and putting the Umbrel Zip file onto it. I didn’t create the home/umbrel/umbrel

How did that error occur?

Something messed up. I don’t know what exactly you did.

Show the new logs.

Ok… Here is the new log…


Update failed. Try a manual update:
rm -f ~/umbrel/statuses/update-in-progress && sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.4.16


That seemed to do it! I’m in my umbrel and just waiting for Bitcoin to sync.


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Ok… now I can get into my Umbrel thorugh Umbrel.Local, but it is just showing it is synchronizing without showing any progress.

And when I try to SSH into umbrel it is giving me Access Denied, so I can’t get a Debug Log.

Without logs, only with crystal ball… You say you can’t run the trobleshoot logs?

Yeah… keeps looking like I’m getting closer, but then something else doesn’t work.

I can’t load umbrel.local on my web browser & log into the Umbrel with my password. But it will just show synchronizing forever without any status update as to the percentage it is synchronized.

And when I try to SSH into the umbrel, it gives me “Permission denied, please try again.”

Changed IP. Try find the IP, to use instead umbrel.local. Open router page and look for connected IPs. Or try plug a monitor to Hdmi output of RasPi.
Indexing of database can takes days, be patiente before do anything more.

I have a keyboard and monitor directly out of the Raspberry Pi.
Logging into umbrel directly I get a Login incorrect message.

What??? Guess you are doing advanced experiments with your node, so few here can help you.