"Error: System service failed" after running Umbrel for a long time

It’s weird that I get something different everytime I reboot. Now I can log into the umbrel through direct keyboard into the Raspberry Pi, but keep getting and input/output error if I try to get a log or try to look at any directories.

Got it back to synchronizing and I can get into the umbrel.local, but I can’t SSH into it again.

I’m just going to let it run overnight and see what happens.
The temperature is running high, too.

Couldn’t SSH in, but I was able to get a debug log through the umbrel software.


Seems to be having problems with bitcoin.

Better uninstall all apps, it is too much issues together for a humble Pi…

Uninstalled all the apps.

What does this mean?
bitcoin | Error: Failed loading settings file:
bitcoin | - Unable to parse settings file /data/.bitcoin/settings.json

New debug:

Ok… I finally did this…

cd /umbrel/bitcoin and nano settings.json

And added { } into the settings.json file since it had nothing in it.

Seems to be syncing now.