Error layer does not exist

Hi everyone,

I’m having troubles to install any app in the app store. I’m using a raspberry pi 4 8 gb hdd 4tb. the raspberry is connected to the internet via lan cable and has a static ip in my network. every time I try to install umbrel stays in the “installing” stage. If I try to install it via ssh any application ends with a “layer does not exist” error. I collected the logs. umbrel-1675718127371-debug.log (19.8 KB) I try already reset the raspberry and flashing the sd card again and nothing works. If anyone have an idea about the error please replay.

thanks in advance

Can you ahead and re ssh into the pi and run

sudo apt-get update 

If that command is successful run

sudo apt-get upgrade

If either of these fail let us know what the readout is this will provide an idea from a known starting point

If both of these succeed restart your pi and retry installing

I just did it and it gave me no error. I update regularly the distro.

I’m a little confused, I looked into your logs and it appears Umbrel is running, is it apps in the App Store that are failing to install or Umbrel itself?

are the apps in the app store that do not install. If I try to install them manually I get an error “layer does not exist.” If I try to install them from the app store the installing message hangs and keeps saying that is installing.

I found some reference to the issue your having here

you might try checking the status of the Docker daemon, I use linux, but I believe on a pi that should be

systemctl status docker

or maybe restart it with

systemctl stop docker && systemctl start docker 

looking at the logs I also see

ERROR: for core-lightning_app_1  Cannot create container for service app: error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/9d72b52d9466e0d4f9c3dde5fff446c0c0f0dcd327468c52dfb27737fa48a933-init/merged: no such file or directory
Creating core-lightning_tor_1              ... done
Creating core-lightning_lightningd_1       ... done
Creating core-lightning_app_proxy_1        ... done
Creating core-lightning_c-lightning-rest_1 ... done

ERROR: for app  Cannot create container for service app: error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/9d72b52d9466e0d4f9c3dde5fff446c0c0f0dcd327468c52dfb27737fa48a933-init/merged: no such file or directory
Encountered errors while bringing up the project.
Got signal: debug
karen is getting triggered!

so everything is pointing towards docker misbehaving.