Umbrel.local blocked at "starting umbrel" / dockerfile missing

I keep having the same issue. This is my first try installing Umbrel on a new Raspberry Pi 4.
After multiple re-flash of my SD card and multiple re-format of my SSD external disk i keep having some issues. On the last try I connected my Raspberry Pi directly to my WIFI by adding a wpa_suppliant.config file to the boot before turning on my Raspberry. I connected to my Pi with a ssh connection and did some inquiry. It connect correctly to the web (i successfully pinged a website). The problem is that nothing is downloading. Therefore the umbrel dashboard is unable to start.

Below is a pastebin of the error showed by the PI after using the script debug in : ./scripts/debug.

The Main error is the following :
readlink /var/lib/docker/overlay2/l/QNYES6I5622PRZBU7TXSXLHG4X: no such file or directory

Anyone has any idea how to fix this ?
Should I try to re-install everything again ?

Try this way explained in this troubleshooting guide for Umbrel

Thank you. It is working now !