Connecting Electrum to Umbrel

I’ve noticed recently that electrum is not connecting to my Umbrel node (red dot in Electrum showing no connection). It seems the old guides in Umbrel are no longer available, now we just have “Connect Wallet” from the 3 dots in the Lightning Node app or a Connect button in the Bitcoin Node app that gives me a popup and several different options, but I’m not sure if this is where the onion address should come from.

Should I be taking the onion address from “Settings - Remote tor address” or from the “Connect” button in the top right of the Umbrel Node app and something from that pop-up box?


First you need to have Electrs app installed and fully synced. Than you can use “your umbrel IP adress:50001:t” in Electrum for blockchain backend on your local network, with no proxy ticked. (like

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btw If you need tor adress for Electrs connection, you can get it from Electrs app obviously .)

I want to do this over Tor though, it has worked in the past but no longer works. Where do I get the Tor address from in Umbrel? Through the Settings area or through the Connect button?

From your Umbrel desktop, you open ‘Electrs’ and should see a screen depicting 100% sync, and CR code etc.

Just click the slider on there to 'Tor" and get the address in the field under the slider.


Excellent! This works thank you very much!

I don’t think this is documented anywhere though and the process for connecting Electrum is now very different from before 0.5.

Thanks again for your help!