Closing wallet and moving back to regular bitcoin wallet

Can someone help me close my lightening wallet and move to regular Bitcoin?

I am very frustrated.



You need to do the following:

  1. Close your channels cooperatively if the channels are active
  2. Wait until the channels close
  3. Once you have no more closing channels, you can send out your funds on-chain to your on-chain wallet of your choice, or just keep using the on-chain wallet without channels

Also, what is frustrating you with lightning? Maybe we can help?

It is the action of closing channels cooperatively from the umbrel wallet that is frustrating.

How do I do that? which button do I push or action do I initiate to complete this task?

Where in the main screen?

I tried to close channel but says server is still updating. I don’t think other party is online.

How do I close this?

Is there an exchange function within the umbrel application? It seems it is one way only.

I need to send from bitcoin lightning to regular bitcoin. Where in the interface can I find it?

If your peer is not online, the only thing you can do is force close the channel. The end result is the same as coop closing, just takes longer to receive the funds to your on-chain wallet.

I’m not sure which server do you refer to. Bitcoin node not synced?

You can exchange LN sats to onchain sats using many exchanges. For example but they take a small fee. You should not need to do this. Just close the channel.

The channel is not closing. I get an error message. I’m still stuck.

How would I know if Bitcoin Node is synced?

If you go to the Bitcoin app it will simply say ‘synchronised 100%’ if synchronised.