Funds drained from Bitcoin Wallet in Lighting

After Upgrading the Bitcoin app today my Bitcoin in Umbrel have started to get drained some how. Thera are two transactions made. ( I have not made them) They are huge fees, you can see them in the mempool app on Umbrel but they are not show in Mempool online. See screenshot.

Does anyone have any idea what this means? Is there a bug in the last update?

Update; After restarting node I can only see one transaction, it seems like its updated, and now the amount is larger;

This is the same transaction as seen in Mempool, as you can see the whole amount is a “fee”.

Update; So I think I get what’s going on. It seems like Boltz is force closing the channel I have opened with them;

Is there anything I can do?

Nothing you can do, but wait a few days. Eventually whatever sats were on your side will get to your on-chain wallet.

Your channel peer has the right to cooperatively or force close your channel. They typically do this because if they need funds on chain to send to customers who want to “loop out” (lightning sats > on-chain sats). So they will close channels that have sats on their side.

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thanks for the perspective in that last part, makes sense and good to know

The question is, who pay the fees for the force close (or cooperative closure)? Is it the one who opened the channel in the first place? Or the one who requested the closure?

The party that force closes pays the fees, I believe.