Channel Stuck on "Closing" for over 6 Months

Due to moving house i closed some channels since i wasn’t sure when id get my node up and running again. I ended up only having my node down for a few days but iv noticed 1 of my channels has never closed and has been closing for over 6 months.

I was wondering if there’s a way to see why it hasnt closed yet?

Any update here?

I am facing the same situation, with 2 channels waiting for close on Umbrel, for nearly 8 months.

I got my sats back! I had 2 channels pending close for a month. I deleted the lightning node, re-recovered using seed words and loaded an old channel backup. One channel closed first, then I had to restore a channel backup again, then got the other channel to close.

Hi Goliath77, I’m in the same situation. Lightning Channel in “Closing” Status for a week now. Can’t do anything else to it. I see all the info and my Sats in the LC, but my Lightning wallet is decreased to 0 Sats and it hasn’t showed up in my BTC wallet. Were you able to see/find the Transaction ID’s in the Mempool? I can’t find anything. Thanks for the help…

Hi ! did you fixed this problem ?

Sorry for the late response. No, it’s still not fixed. Umbrel support tried everything, even used Chantools, but didn’t work and just told me to contact the peer for them to close it on their end. No response from the peer, so I’m stuck in limbo. Please let me know if you found a way, thanks…