CLN (Core Lightning) alias change - how can I access to the config file?


I think there is not much people who use CLN in umbrel community, but want to know how I can access to the config file of CLN on umbrel to change node alias.

Is there anyone who did the change before?

There is no config file, but you can create one:

nano ~/umbrel/app-data/core-lightning/data/lightningd/bitcoin/config

You might want to save a copy in case it gets deleted after an update.

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In the new 0.5.4 update you only have to change the alias in the lightning lnd app in the menu.

You are talking about LND and your statement is not even true.
You can manage the config of LND using lnd.conf, and umbrel-lnd.conf will automatically update its contents based on the contents of lnd.conf you have written. This is not fool-proof, so do not make a contradictory config on lnd.conf and LND app advanced setting.