Edit the Core Lightning CLN RTL config file

I get this error when trying to do it through CLN RTL.

Also, I tried editing RTL-config.json here… umbrel/app-data/core-lightning-rtl/data/rtl via SSH.

BUT I ended up wiping my node!, so don’t do that! Bottom line, I just want to be able to change my alias and also, enable bolt12 offers and I need to edit the config file.

Hi, did you already find the path to the config file? Also run into the same problem.

I’m having this issue too. Have you found a fix?

You need to create a config file via ssh. Access via ssh and then:

sudo nano ~/umbrel/app-data/core-lightning/data/lightningd/bitcoin/config

Put whatever config settings you want in there and then save.

Then restart CLN:

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app restart core-lightning

Create a backup of your config file in the same folder in case config gets deleted after an update.