ChanStatusBorked Help

I’ve been working on this for a couple of months, being patient and trying to close down up to seven channels that are borked, but this is kind of frustrating!

I’ve used the chantools to see the channels that won’t close, tried forcing the channel to close, but not receiving any maturity height and am looking for new ideas on how to unlock the locked up channels.

I even submitted to the website, but that seems less than optimal. I thought that there was a process for closing channels from one side that doesn’t require the other side being online??

What am I missing to close these channels? 40+ channels closed correctly months ago.

“chan_status_flags”: “ChanStatusBorked|ChanStatusCommitBroadcasted|ChanStatusLocalCloseInitiator”

“chan_status_flags”: “ChanStatusBorked|ChanStatusCommitBroadcasted|ChanStatusCoopBroadcasted|ChanStatusLocalCloseInitiator”

“total_limbo_balance”: “17583864”

I can provide more information, but this is what I am dealing with. Thank you.

Try going through this new guide and report back here please.