Stuck pending_force_closing_channels / "maturity_height": 0

two days ago I initiated force channel closing
and it is still in pending_force_closing_channels

    "total_limbo_balance": "96860",
    "pending_open_channels": [
    "pending_closing_channels": [
    "pending_force_closing_channels": [
            "channel": {
                "remote_node_pub": "034bfcece8861de39f85edd954de0ad7b54e3ce70998ca173f915e0692324efa9e",
                "channel_point": "0d4b4d9d0740053c2ba101f26365145ab240b9c3b5067a4a28736430358c1c7e:1",
                "capacity": "100000",
                "local_balance": "96530",
                "remote_balance": "0",
                "local_chan_reserve_sat": "0",
                "remote_chan_reserve_sat": "0",
                "initiator": "INITIATOR_LOCAL",
                "commitment_type": "ANCHORS",
                "num_forwarding_packages": "0",
                "chan_status_flags": "",
                "private": false
            "closing_txid": "d478b86cda4a0dda067690d2460d0a26be9efe08fddca03c454c0cb59ae55086",
            "limbo_balance": "96860",
            "maturity_height": 0,
            "blocks_til_maturity": 0,
            "recovered_balance": "0",
            "pending_htlcs": [
            "anchor": "LIMBO"
    "waiting_close_channels": [

Can you try again with the steps in this guide?

The force close steps have a reference on how to enter again the lncli command and that channel point

Here’s how yours should look like if you want to try:

~/umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli closechannel --force 0d4b4d9d0740053c2ba101f26365145ab240b9c3b5067a4a28736430358c1c7e 1

(the channel point is not on a new line, it’s just one space after closechannel --force, the editor just seems to be kicking this down to confirm if there’s any confusion)

Your maturity height is showing 0 so either this was pending and should be showing a block it will be done now?

You can check again if it has a maturity height with pending channels:

~/umbrel/scripts/app compose lightning exec lnd lncli pendingchannels

Or you can try to execute the command again to be sure

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what i got:

My view is that your funds have arrived to your on-chain wallet, and LND probably just needs to rescan for your wallet’s UTXOs.

You could try also with Zap desktop (not mobile) using your seed. Hope this helps

Heya use this command as opposed to that one you tried, it wants the channel point:

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I’ve had the same issue, I got stuck channel since March 2023, have you had any luck sorting it out @mavrck1 ?

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