Channel stuck on "waiting close" while showing 0 sats balance

After restoring a broken LND and restoring a channel backup all my channels force closed exept 1.
This channel is stuck on waiting close for 3 days while showing a 0 sats balance.
System: Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, 1TB USB SSD, 1Gbps ethernet.
What to do?

Did you fix this Problem? And how did you do it?
Because I have the sam Problem as well. I can’t find the transaction in the mempool.
The balance of the channel is shown corectly compared to your problem.

I was lucky I managed to contact my peer because I set up this channel through He force closed the channel and after the required amount of blocks funds returned to me. Couldn’t find any other solution. I reached out to several people but nobody seemed to be able to help. I’m sorry that I can’t give you a better answer right now :disappointed:

Ok no problem. But thank you anyway for your feedback.
My problem is that the channel was never get opened. Because also the opening transaction was also never get published on the mempool.