Channel Close stuck


I have a lightning channel that has been stuck in closing for a few weeks.

I have a txid from RTL, but this txid doesn’t exsist in mempool or on chain.
I tried looking for it on my node and on the mempool space website and found nothing.

How can I diagnose this and re-broadcast the correct transaction, RTL says that the local balance is all in limbo.


Same happened to me. I had to force close it by commands, then wait for an amount of blocks to get the funds.

This helped me:


This got my txid into mempool.
does this mean my node will now deal with the limbo balance correctly?

I can’t see the maturity height for the transaction and im not getting a maturity height when I ask for pendingchannels, and it says this:

“initiator”: “INITIATOR_REMOTE”,


Yes, it will deal with it. You can see it in RTL; Peers/channels, Pending, View info

After getting a confirmation, RTL now says how many blocks to maturity. Everything looks good now.

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