Channel closed / for several weeks "Waiting Close"

I have been trying to close a channel for several weeks. This has been in the status “Waiting Close” for weeks. I’ve already tried via Lncli ( to force a Force Close. Unfortunately without success. Does anyone see my mistake?

Just wait. Have patience.

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How many weeks can that happen?

See that “limbo balance”?
Those could be HTLCs that were on the fly in the moment of closing. That means you will need to wait until are settle. This depends one each hop/node when are settle them.
So your best option is to wait now.

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Now 2 weeks have passed and the channel is still in waiting close :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Do you have a suggestion?

what is showing lncli pendingchannels ?

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Yes, as you can see you have limbo balance.
That means, in the moment you shut down you node, you had some pending HTLCs, means those funds were in transit and are waiting to be fullsifled.

PLEASE, have patience. It will be released. This shit happen, but this is how LN was designed to work.

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Where exactly can I recognize the open HTLCs?

When you run a LN node, you must be watching your routings, HTLCs, peers etc.
Before shutting down is good to wait a good moment when more HTLCs are released and you don’t have anyone or less is possible pending ones.
When there’s some funds in “limbo” means that are still in dispute to where should go, who to take them.

Have patience.

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Hi @Orville,

I have already tried. Unfortunately without success. The channel is still in the Waiting Close

Update: The channel is now finally closed. thanks to @Orville

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Can you help me? I have a channal and ist not closing. I wait the closeing to september…