Caravan Wallet Connection?

Hi, I recently got my Umbrel node up and running on my RaspPi4. Connecting via ethernet through a Windows PC/Chrome browser. I’d like to build a Caravan wallet that is connected directly to the node. It is asking for the following credentials to access a private node (screen shot attached). Can someone help me on how to proceed? I am building the wallet on the same network as the node, but so far I’m unable to connect.

Any help is appreciated. I’m very new to all of this! Thanks!

Hi I have exactly the same question.
Did you get any help or answers on how to do this?

Hi, I was not able to do it using Caravan, but it is very easy to set up a watch-only wallet for your Unchained vault(s) using Sparrow. Some tips here… Sparrow Wallet (Desktop)

I am now able to view my multi-sig vaults at Unchained using Sparrow connected to my node over TOR.

You can also use Sparrow as a fully functional wallet, but I opted to set it up as watch-only without connecting my signing devices.

Hi and thanks so much for your reply, that makes sense. Can I ask you though, what is the advantage then, if any, of doing this? Why not just view your unchained vaults at unchained, why bother using Sparrow at all?

Great question. The short answer is that your node is a local copy of the bitcoin blockchain that is synced to your own hard drive. If you rely on Unchained, or any web-based block explorer, then you aren’t getting a true trustless verification of your bitcoin holdings. It is a best practice to set up watch-only wallets to monitor your balances and make sure you have what you think you have.

The other reason is that you can also connect your signing devices and spend from Sparrow if needed. This way, if Unchained were to go away for any reason you could still spend those UTXOs without having to login to Unchained.

Fantastic, I totally get it.
Also, I really appreciate having intelligent and useful people on this community , like yourself, to give support like this.
have a great day.
Keep Hodling !!

I’m going to take your advice tonight and try and set up my Sparrow mutlisig wallet.
To use 2 of 3 will I need 3 hardware devices ?

If you just want watch-only, i.e. you don’t plan to spend any btc from Sparrow, you don’t need your signing devices or any private keys. You can log into Unchained and download a configuration file for each vault by clicking on the vault, clicking the 3 dots next to “Transact”, then External Spend Info, then Download. This will generate a .JSON file that can then be imported into Sparrow as a new wallet. Sparrow will then scan your local copy of the blockchain to collect transactions associated with each vault. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Brilliant! Got it.
Thanks again Hodlanta !