Im a noob and i need some help

my node synced up to 90% last night tried to access it today and can not find on my network. ive read around here and came across ppl suggesting to reninstall Umbrel on mSD or to try to ssh in. neither of these options work for me. can someone please point me in the right direction on what to try next pls :slight_smile:

after another attempt at flashing i can now ssh in but cannot access at IPaddress.umbrel or umbrel.local . ran debug script and it found no errors. when i plug rasp into my monitor its tells me all is good “your umbrel is up and running at: X” but none of those options are working

being told DNS address could not be found. this was a fresh node install before it crashed. was working fine for 3-4days while syncing

hopped on telegram to try find help there was given a command line it didnt work and no more responses i guess i will have to start from scratch you can close this tread

First thing is not to panic. If you have connected it to a monitor and it is running then the best thing to do is slow down and think it through.

The first thing I would try is trying going to from a browser might help, maybe even If that doesn’t work then I would try checking what the ip address is on your network using command line on windows you check all assigned ip’s by typing ipconfig -a. A bit of trial and error will help you work out which is assigned address. searching this forum will give you instructions on how to set a static ip which will prevent it changing. This at least would help you to know you are accessing the correct ip.

One thing I have found is if my node is connected correctly with ethernet cable and I try to access it from another device that is on my wifi I often struggle to find the node. Plugging into the router rather than wifi helps me when this happens.

I am very new to this as well so there might be other advice that experienced users can give you, these options at least wont make anything worse! Hope this is of some use to you. Good luck finding the answer

Write a blog with your experience :smile:
But don’t forget to check all the work we’ve done into making all these guides in the special section of this forum. In special for users like you that start now this journey. If you read them, your journey will be much easier then looking for answers on Telegram.

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i check your guides and none of it was resolving my issue until i reformatted the SSD after that i changed dhcp add again and was able to get in, now i have to just wait for it to sync again and should be fine thanks for the respone and link out to the guide all the same