BTC sent but never arrived at destination

Hey I believe I may have made a major error somehow. I sent some BTC from my bitcoin wallet from the lightning node window in my Umbrel.
I believe I may have chosen too low a transaction fee. It’s been 6 days (sent on May 4) and the funds have still not arrived (a major commercial exchange in this case). When I hover over the transaction in Umbrel it says 0 confirmations. I sent in the transactions area of Umbrel, but when I click on the transaction it no longer even appears in mempool. Just says transaction not found.
I know the address at recipient is correct.
Does anyone have any advice if I can reclaim this BTC?

If a transaction is not confirmed, it means that it has not been added to the blockchain, your wallet will not be debited while the receiver’s wallet will not be credited. The transaction will remain in the mempool until it is either confirmed or rejected by the network.

Usually, unconfirmed transactions are re-broadcasted by the sender’s wallet automatically, which means the transaction can still be confirmed at a later time. However, if a transaction remains unconfirmed for a long time, it may be dropped from the pool and returned to the sender’s wallet.

If it’s been 6 days and it no longer appears in the mempool as you stated, then it could have been dropped and isn’t appearing in your wallet yet. It’s hard to say for certain, you could post the transaction ID which might give more helpful information.

Thanks for the advice!

here’s the transaction ID.


Welp, it’s there.

It doesn’t look like it will be confirming anytime soon unfortunately.

in about 2 weeks it’ll get rejected.

You could raise the fee using RBF or you could try child pay for parent if you have those options to you

hey friends.
It’s been 20 days and still no confirm or rejection.
Just gone.
It shows transaction not found in mempool now. What does that mean?
Kicking myself for not sending a small test transaction.


its not gone I see it in the mempool
its been sitting there for 4 weeks with a low fee. (Fee rate 6.03 sat/vB)
bump up the fee.
although its been 4 weeks I cant believe its not been rejected by the system.
usually 2 weeks it the time it gets rejected back to your wallet.