Sent transaction not showing in mempool/ receiving address

Hey guys,

I sent a small amount of sats from my umbrel wallet to my personal wallet… the transaction never showed up in mempool and hasn’t hit my other wallet after 24 hours.

Any ideas on what I did wrong or what’s going on?

The transaction should be listed in Umbrel on the Bitcoin page, is it there? What happens if you click the transaction?

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It is on my wallet transactions… When I click on it, it takes me to mempool where transaction cannot be found
Attached are the screenshots

It looks like your node is still syncing, you’ll have to wait until your chain is up-to-date.

Gotcha, yeah I’m at like 99.97% … for some reason it keeps falling off the full sync, so that could definitely be the issue.

Hopefully that gets rectified when I’m fully synced, if not I just donated to the 21 million for the good of Bitcoin :joy:

Update it has hit my private wallet.

200,000 sats would have been a bad story to tell the family I lost one day :joy:

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