BlueWallet Tor slow performance and connectivity issues

Often BlueWallet takes a very long time to update my Lightning balances. It will display “Updating…” for a very long time. Today I paid myself an invoice from my Strike account and it took several minutes for the balance to update.

Occasionally trying for a while it will display an alert “API failure: Error: Could not connect to the server. undefined”.

Today it displayed an alert "API failure: Error: Tor Service NOT Running. “Call `startDaemon’ first… [truncated]”.

This behavior is similar on both my iPhone and my iPad.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Is this an issue with my Umbrel or something else?

FWIW, I am currently using my Umbrel in my browser over Onion, so I’m pretty sure Tor is running.

Is nothing wrong with your umbrel node. Is all about bluewallet bad connection over tor.

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Hey @boosterstage,

I’ve been running into similar issues with BlueWallet, and have been using it for awhile now. I was in the BlueWallet telegram the other day, and participated in a disussion with the BW guys about this. It seems as though part of the Tor issues that BW has is about iOS, in that iOS doesn’t allow BW to run its Tor service in the background, and has to reconnect each time you open the app, and tends to get in a bad place in that process.

I’ve found the best way to deal with these issues is to kill the BW app, open it again, and things tend to work reliably from that point. It has gotten to the point that I just do this out of reflex each time I go to open BlueWallet. Not the greatest experience, but it works reliably that way. Once you have BW open and tor running well, it works great.

I think you might be onto something there. I was beginning to think the problem was with TOR, because this afternoon my TOR connection to umbrel slowed to a crawl and the Umbrel eventually crashed. I suspect the problem may be because I have so many little Lightning wallets and that each one is running its own TOR connection. I don’t know enough about how TOR works to know if this is really what’s happening.