BlueWallet Lighting

When I initially setup BW on my iPhone I had connected to my umbrel via TOR. In the BW Lightning wallet it shows Type Lighting - Connected to http://longstring.onion

So I assume that when BlueWallet shuts down LNDHub I should at least be ok as my wallet was setup via my LNDHub.

The problem is I cant send the funds out. “Alert Network request failed”

I am currently using my Tailscale IP:3008 vs the original http://longstring.onion as TOR daemon will not start on my iPhone BW and hasnt for about a year.

How can I send my sats out? It’s a little over 1 million.

Did you solve this issue? I have a similar problem and I am not able to transfer my sats from my blue wallet. Thanks.

I ended up using Zeus which I already use, but I created another instance with the TOR address username and password pulled from the Bluewallet lighting wallet export.

It takes almost a full minute for Zeus to connect and show the balance. Luckily I had the wallet open on my desk in front of me while I was trying to figure out why Zeus wasnt connecting and the balance finally populated.

Then I downloaded Wallet of Satoshi opened a new channel with them and started send sats to that wallet.