Any good alternative for BlueWallet?

Hi all,

My BlueWallet simply do not work when I use it with my Umbrel node.
It froze all the time and some times it won’t even load.
When I access at the same time my node trough TOR it is fine and no issues.
Does others have similar issues?

Is there good alternatives for BlueWallet as it just doesn’t seem to work?

Did you read my guide in regards of BW + Umbrel?

I would add to that:

  • BW still have some issues with Tor connection
  • you better just use Orbot + BW and all will be just fine

Yes it is set as described in that good post.
Some issues is understatement… most of the time it do not work.

I will give a try to Orbot + BlueWallet

Try also Zeus or Zap with your own node. Works great not only as LN wallets but also as node management.
RTL and Thunderhub apps are great also as node management and even LN wallets. And works on mobile as web app directly.

I have same issues with BW. Zap on Android added native Tor connection and it works flawlessly for me. Highly recommend.


Yeah… with Orbot Bluewallet don’t work either.

When I try to pay invoice I get error
“Timeout waiting for boostrap”)

Zap works without any issue and using same node what Bluewallet is configured.

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It seems TOR and also Android BW seems to be really broken.

I installed BW to my iPad and restored wallets there. From there I where able to pay from BW connected to my node to BW connected to their standard node, but not to my Zap connected to my node.

Then when I had my funds in BW using their node I where able to pay those funds to my Zap connected to my node.

Bluewallet broken bad, and the dev’s don’t seem interested. Zap looks to be performing well for me though, so that’s my choice right now


Wait to see the new revamp of Zeus in v 0.6 ! Is amazing! You can test it bu downloading it from their github.

Zeus 0.6 beta is my current favorite.

Another vote for Zap here! Works great.

Send them feedback on github, they need it in this flight test. Any information to fix bugs is welcomed.

I have. There’s a bug in the Routing Fees received page where it occasionally doubles Sats received. On iOS at least.

This is a known issue/bug on Android. It looks like it was resolved in most recent version update: Release v6.2.7 · BlueWallet/BlueWallet · GitHub

I was frustrated enough by this bug a few weeks back that I set up a reverse proxy solution which hooked BlueWallet Android to my to Umbrel reliably without issues:

I’m probably going to continue with the proxy now that I have it set up, but hopefully you will find the latest version no longer requires this work around.