Bluewallet linked to Umbrel : high fees (150-200 sats)

Hi there, Umbrel node with liquidity connected to my Bluewallet. When sending some sats out (50k sats), bluewallet will charge around 150 sats. On Umbrel, just one sat is paid in fees. Why is that? Bluewallet fees should disapear since this is a fully non-custodial setup? Thank you

Are you saying, you get charged 1 sat when you pay an invoice from your Umbrel, but you pay 150 sats when you pay from Blue Wallet? Are you using Blue Wallet to access your Umbrel, or are the Blue Wallet funds separate?

Yes i am paying 150 sats when paying from Bluewallet. I linked Bluewallet to my Umbrel. As i understand, it is using my channels to receive and to send payments. In Bluewallet i started with 0 sat balance, i can receive from external LN wallets and send to LN invoices.

So you are using LNDHub to connect BlueWallet to your Umbrel?

Did you create the Bluewallet lightning wallet after you updated the lightning settings?

Yes LNDHub, in bluewallet i can see that the app connects to my tor node. And yes i created a new Bluewallet lightning wallet after having updated the settings

So if you’re trying to pay an invoice generated on Umbrel with a BlueWallet wallet using your Umbrel, you’re doing a self-payment. Indeed, configuring a wallet with your Umbrel’s LNDHub, this wallet is using your node to receive and make payments. This can explain why the fees are really high.

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the invoice is generated on Wallet of Satoshi. I am trying to send sats from Bluewallet to Wallet of Satoshi. Bluewallet is fully connected to Umbrel. When sending 20000 sats, fees will be around 60 to 70 sats. On Umbrel, i see that the payment of 20000 sats has been made with a 9 sats fee and on Bluewallet fee is 67 sats. I really don’t understand it

What lNDHub does in this case, it substract those 60 sats from your LNDHub account, but if you are the node operator, you don’t lose those sats, they are only on your node, charged to yourself for the service you offer to yourself. If you gave access to frineds and family to your LNDHub, you would earn those fees as a node operator.

Soon there will be a update of lndhub. Then fees are configurable.