Bluewallet linked to Umbrel : Why are highs sats fees still applied?

Hi there, Umbrel node with liquidity connected to my Bluewallet. When sending some sats out (50k sats), bluewallet will charge around 150 sats. On Umbrel, just one sat is paid in fees. Why is that? Bluewallet fees should disapear since this is a fully non-custodial setup? Thank you

The fees are by default set by LNDHub but those fees are kept in your node. Yo can imagine that when you are using BlueWallet with your own LNDHUB server (BlueWallet server on Umbrel), you pay fees to the node operator. In this case, you pay to yourself. But if you let access to a family or friends, they will pay fees to you, currently at 1%. Those can be configured in the config.js, but I think that it’s not possible on umbrel since it is dockerized