BlueWallet Lightning Shows 0 sats

Hi, I recently linked BlueWallet to my node (electrum and lndhub) and used the refill from external on-chain wallet to fund my new BW lightning wallet. I funded from my node’s on chain wallet. The transaction went through, and while the sats show on my umbrel node’s on-chain balance, the BW lightning wallet shows 0 sats. Any ideas on how to make BW show my balance?

You did wrong. When you fund from same wallet is like paying yourself.
Pay that “refill” to lndhub from another onchain wallet not from same node.
Read here

Ok, my follow up is: how wrong? Those sats are gone forever, technical capability exists and I need to adjust something to recover the sats, or the technical capability doesn’t exist at this time but may in the future?

I’m still very much a novice on the technical side of things, but I would think that since I’m paying myself then I should still have access (the keys) to the wallet to which the funds were sent.

Did you read the getting started guide ?
I think you started the way around and you still don’t get what really is a LN node.
In order to be able to transact on LN, you need to open a bunch channels (inbound and outbound) with your LN node.
Otherwise you are doing it wrong from the beginning.
In that guide about bluewallet, lndhub and umbrel I explained very clearly the difference between a LN node and a lndhub.

I have several lightning channels already open with plenty of liquidity in each direction (for my purposes at least). That I get how to do and understand well enough.

The lndhub / BlueWallet piece is where the confusion comes in. (Yes I read the guide but obviously missed any directions about not funding my BW lightning wallet from my own node’s on-chain address.)

Still, I’m looking for an answer to my question above - how wrong is it? Complete loss of funds or possible recovery?

No you didn’t lost any funds, you just sent them from one onchain address to another, from your own node. So you sent to yourself.
Go to Thunderhub for example and check in Chain transactions. You will see you have an out and in tx.