Being My Own Bank - Clarification Questions

I have setup two Umbrel Nodes “U1” and “U2”. Opened a LN channel between them and have no issue sending sats back and forth between them.

Now I have the BW app on my phone and connected it to my Umbrel node U1. Created a new LN Wallet. 0 sats Balance

If I try to send sats from my U1 lightning balance on the Umbrel dashboard to my BW LN wallet it says “Unable to send lightning payment, self-payments not allowed”

I was successful in sending sats from my U2 nodes dashboard wallet to my BW LN wallet, the sats balance in my BW LN wallet went to 100 stats.

Interestingly the 100 sats also showed up on my U1 Umbrel dashboard LN wallet…

Am I correct in thinking that the Umbrel LN wallet on the dashboard is not really a “Individual” wallet, its more of a “Bank” Node total where the BW LN wallet now has 100sats of the total “Bank” Node amount ?

I took this another step further an created a 2nd BW LN Wallet and was able to send 500 sats from BW LN Wallet1 to BW LN Wallet2. Interestingly I lost 1 sat in the process ( not sure where that went ). On my Umbrel Dashboard the LN wallet shows that transaction as unpaid Invoice. Yet the funds on my BW LN wallets appear to be correct ( except the missing 1 sat ). So Im confussed again what the Umbrel dashboard LN Wallet really is …?

Also I noticed that when BW is connected to my node it seems a little slower than when I’m working with a wallet connected to BW’s default, Is this because of the use of the TOR network ?

I think there’s only one btc wallet in each Raspi, because there’s only one btc-core instance running on it. And only one ligthning manager (LND), tied to that btc-core wallet. Remember there’s actually no such thing “lightning wallet”, only BTC wallets and lightning channels, being the channels just smart contracts of a specific btc wallet. You can handle those channels in any lightning app that can open that btc wallet.

Thanks for the response, I guess its confusing to see “lightning wallet” on the dashboard and think of it as anything else.

In researching it more it appears that LNDHUB is managing these “wallets” or contracts as you say. Im beginning to think this more of a LNDHUB “account” or manager as you mentioned. The blog post here appears to be pointing in that direction

This is how it works : the user sends his bitcoins to a dedicated top-up address, and this balance is added to his account on LndHub

I could be totally off base here though, just trying to conceptualize all this .

Read here, from Guides section of this forum the both guides about LNDhub: