Setting server fees on BlueWallet LNDHub

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I love the integration of BlueWallet Server (LNDHub) on Umbrel. I think this is a huge step towards more decentralization on custodial lightning nodes, making it possible for small node operators to offer a service other than earning routing fees to close friends and family and onboard more people on bitcoin.

Default fees to send sats from an LNDHub client or account are 1%. This is not exagerated but can be considered high for a first onboard of friends and family.

So I’ve made a little research and I think that I might find a solution, but I wanted to first ask here if it was possible this way rather than start playing around and break things. If it’s successful, I will create a smalll tutorial or perhaps @DarthCoin can add it to his guide on BlueWallet!

My first try would be to edit the “docker-compose.yml” on ~/umbrel/app-data/bluewallet. The config section would be edited as follows for a 0.5% fee:
CONFIG: ‘{ “rateLimit”: 10000, “postRateLimit”: 10000, “forwardReserveFee”: 0.005, “redis”: { “port”: 6379, “host”: “$APP_BLUEWALLET_REDIS_IP”, “family”: 4, “password”: “moneyprintergobrrr”, “db”: 0 }, “lnd”: { “url”: “$LND_IP:$LND_GRPC_PORT”, “password”: "“d”: “”}}’

Does anybody has tried or thinks that it could work?

Editing docker repositories is not a good solution. It can be temporary but not permanent.
Each Umbrel update will erase those edit.
Is much better to post a feature request on Umbrel github to be included as permanent or wait until new Bluewallet LNDHub will be launched with full management of channels/ wallets.
The elegant way would be to have an option to dedicate a specific channel(s) to these lndhub wallets where you can set specific fees.

Thanks @DarthCoin. Perfect! I was looking for some “warning” prior to do something hehe! thanks.

The easiest way would be that LNDHub had a simple UI with login like RTL or Thunderhub, in which you could set those fees.

You said that LNDHub will be launched with full management? it is work in progress or future idea? That would be awesome.

Hi @nansa, thank you for raising this… I was struggling to understand why transactions between 2 wallets created on the same LNDhub were generating fees. I thought I had seen more than one tutorial previously stating that this type of transactions would incur in no fees, which is not true at this moment - has BlueWallet changed this more recently?

Because I’m targeting to manage wallets for my family (and would prefer to pay no fees when doing transactions among us), I decided to test LNbits and its LNDhub extension so that the wallet can be used in BlueWallet. Apparently it works and no fees are incurred when sending sats among wallets created in LNbits on my node.

Hi. I’m also trying to change intrahubfee of BlueWallet lndhub. See link on GitHub

I will keep you updated when I was able to change config.js

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Perhaps LNBits has changed the configuration fees when implementing its own LNDHub instalce. The thing is that I prefer LNDHub approach to create accounts automatically rather than manually on LNBits Perphas I am wrong.

Soon there will be update which includes newest docker file of bluewallet lndhub. Then fee setting should be possible.

I will keep you updated when update is released.

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Finally I found a workaround to set fees to zero. dirty but it works as long you don’t restart umbrel.
'login to umbrel using
'Enter following command to get into umbrel
SSH -t umbrel@umbrel.local
'Enter “your umbrel password”
'find out and note container ID of bluewalletorganization/lndhub:v1.4.1 with
Docker ps
'get into Container
docker exec -u 0 -it “Bluewallet Container ID” /bin/sh
'update library
apt-get update
'install nano
apt-get install nano
'edit file api.js
nano /lndhub/controllers/api.js
'modify line of fees
global.forwardFee = 0.00;
global.internalFee = 0.000;
'CTRL + X to save
'restart docker
docker restart “Bluewallet Container ID”

And LND 0.14.2 was just released, fixing exactly this fee leak.