Blue Wallet connect to LND node issue

something’s up with my Android Blue Wallet connection to my node. When I import my LNDHub URI in Blue wallet I get message “Invalid LNDHub URI”. I notice that when I scan the Umbrel QR code it misses the final four digits of the URI (the ones after .onion), so I have also copied and pasted the URI which also doesn’t work. I wonder if it’s a TOR issue with my android device?

Aspects to take in consideration when you connect a BW LNDhub wallet:

  • BW app must run with Tor activated (or use Orbot)
  • BW app must be first connected to your BW Lightning from your Umbrel
  • When you scan that BW LN QR must be open using Tor onion address, not umbrel.local or IP. QR is generated based on the address.
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There seems to be 2 qr codes to import.

First make sure you have enabled tor in blue wallet.

  1. Go to lndhub and copy the qr code there (no umbrella). Import that into lightning server in bluewallet.

  2. Go into wallet support in umbrella and copy the qr code (it has an umbrella). Import that into electrum server in blue wallet.

thanks. Still not working though. I have Orbot running in the background. followed the Umbrel instructions. Weirdly, it was working before - I set it up about six months ago following the same instructions on the same device. I have a few sats in my lightning wallet that I want to rescue. when you say must open using tor onion address, that’s the one that the QR code gives me in LndHub, right?

You don’t need orbot. Make sure you turn on tor in bluewallet settings!

Yes, the onion address from the qr codes.

there’s a glitch. the Tor Settings button (under Network) does not work. Doesn’t do anything when I click it. (I disabled Orbot if I dont need it)

Blue wallet Tor connection didn’t work while torbot was active (obviously, tor over Tor is not ideal).

The blue wallet Tor works, state: done.

It’s a bit glitchy, I had to force stop blue wallet a few times. I suspect the app freezes while it initiates tor.

Once the Umbrel addresses has been configured, Blue wallet starts tor automatically.