What does it actually mean to connect your wallet to umbre

So I connected my Bluewallet via this option.

Connect your Bitcoin or Lightning wallet to your Umbrel

So, I followed the instructions. What exactly am I doing here? As I see there are two major steps: 1) Connecting to LNDHub and the electrum server.

What exactly is going on?

Will it impact existing wallets that I have on other nodes?

What benefits does this give me?

Any help or insight would be appreciated.


I´m new to this business, but from what I could learn, adding those lightning wallets in your Umbrel is for professional users, let’s say a restaurant that invites their clients to pay him by their BW or other wallet brand, and the restaurant not having to the funds in the custody of other people (the BW or other company).
If you just want to help lightning network, giving liquidity to it, you just open channells, in the standard LND wallet.
Don’t forget to do regular channels backups in a desktop and copy it to a pen drive also, as sometimes Umbrel will crash, and then you may be in big trouble trying to get your funds back.

I also have questions about this, maybe the seniors here can help. Before I open a
If my BW wallet only uses Tor communications, will it be able to open a chanell with the BW company, and receive payment from their standard clients, because them use IP communication?
Or saying other way, can my Tor BW speak with other IP wallets without issues?

Thanks @DarthCoin. Appreciate the detailed response! Lots to digest here and it will take me a few days to go through.