Blue Wallet Connection

I connected my Blue Wallet to an Iphone and now have a new phone with the same Sim card. Do I need to disconnect the old phone’s wallet connection. Right now I get an error when I try to scan the blue wallet QR code with my new phone’s BW.

Bluewallet don’t care about your SIM card, just need an internet connection.
Is not very clear what are you trying to do here:

I have BW app on my Umbrel, LND hub

It is connected to BW app on iPhone 1

I have a BW app on iPhone 2,

I am trying connect to BW app on iPhone 2 to LND hub

Right now the BW on iPhone 2 says the wallet is imported, I don’t know what that meams

When I got to connect a Wallet on the Umbrel software , select BW and follow the connection instructions.

When I scan the QR score in the connect the wallet instructions , into the lightning setting, I get the following error: Alert: Invalid LNDHub URI

Again I am trying to transfer the connection to BW/LND Hub from one phone to the other.

So it’s simple:

  • in Phone 1, go to LNDHUB wallet - settings - export. Save that wallet address link
  • in Phone 2, connect to your LN node, by scanning the LNDHUB server QR. Then click on import wallet and paste the LNDHUB address from Phone 1
    That’s it, you can use same LN wallet on both mobiles if you want.