Umbrel Noob - few questions to get me moving

Hello, just setup a raspberry pi node yesterday and it’s 33% synced right now. Excited to do more. I have a couple basic questions that I’m hoping some Umbrel veterans can answer efficiently.

  1. What is the difference in the lightning apps available in the Umbrel app store? Any reason to go with one over the other to setup a lightning node?

  2. I chose to set this up on a 1TB drive thinking I’ll be good for 3-4 years… But if/when I need to upgrade to a 2TB drive is there a standard way to copy over your data to the new drive to avoid revalidating the entire Blockchain?

  3. What is the consensus around validating software available in the app store? Can that be done? Are we forces to trust Umbrel on this detail?

I’ll save the rest for as I go and have more time to search the forum history. Thanks and looking forward to being a part of this community!