Balance on BlueWallet doesn't match Umbrel Balance


a had an old paper wallet with a sats. To transfer the “paper wallet” sats to my umbrel wallet, I imported the private key to electrum and sent the amount to my umbrel wallet (from a 187… to a bc1…). The transaction shows up properly and has already 60 confirmations. So far so good.

Now I created a new bluewallet wallet on my IPhone by using the 24 word seed from the umbrel wallet. This works, all previous transactions show up except the “old paper wallet” transaction I sent to umbrel from electrum.

Any idea why this is so?

That’s your error.
1 BTC = 1 BTC
Change your way of thinking, step up from thinking in fiat units.
Bitcoin world always use BTC or sats.

Totally. But why does this one single tx not show up on bluewallet?

Edit: Initial post removed ref to fiat, tx still not showing up.

This one might be hard to troubleshoot without having more visibility into how bluewallet works, I’m guessing there’s not a option to rescan UTXOs?

Thx, I will check with bluewallet community now, see how that goes and post here any findings …

Any update on this issue? I’m having a similar issue with my connected Bluewallets not matching up with my Umbrel wallets. It’s mind boggling.