Apps stuck on 'Starting'

Hi all, I have searched, the forum, Reddit, etc. but I have not found a solution for my issue. I installed Umbrel 0.5.3 in a Nuc newly installed with ubuntu server 22.04. It all seems to be fine but now when I log in and try to install Bitcoin node, the App icon is stuck in Starting and clicking takes me to nowhere. As recommended in some posts, I have ssh’ed in the nuc and rar:
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app stop bitcoin
and then
sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app start bitcoin

After waiting and checking again the icon is in the same status. Troubleshooting option does not find any issue.

Any recommendation?

Hey :wave: I’m sorry you’re experiencing this. Can you share your debug logs so we can try to see the root cause of the issue?

If you can access Umbrel’s UI in a web browser, go to Settings > Troubleshooting > Start
to download your logs,

Or you can SSH in and use command ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

Then can copy and paste and share the link from a website like so we may review.

Thank you for the reply. Please find the output of the debug log here

I have noticed that since yesterday the capacity of my drive has decreased by just over 400GB. This makes me think that Bitcoin is running in the background and currently downloading the blockchain history. But the icon in Umbrel dashboard is still showing “Starting…” and when clicking I get a “This site can’t be reached” error. I have used both, Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks for your help.

I am sorry, I did not properly set my firewall so I was not able to access the Bitcoin node interface after clicking the icon. After setting the right rule I can now access it and the Bitcoin node is running properly.

Nevertheless, the Bitcoin icon in the Umbrel dashboard is still stuck at “Starting…”. This is not properly working.